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Who We Are

Tim Scott – Director

Tim has a longstanding experience working in the acoustics industry on wide ranging and technically challenging projects. In addition, working on construction and development projects delivering high specification acoustic structures from start to finish.
Tim has had success in the music charts as a producer from early on in his career and has gone on to run one of the UKs most prestigious and creative acoustics consultancies. His exposure to recording
studios in his early career has enabled him to deliver spaces that simply just work for the end user

Ben Claridge – Director

Ben has comprehensive experience in acoustics. Since studying acoustical engineering at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, he went on to lead the delivery of acoustic design for many £10 million+ projects around the globe.
Ben has recorded and produced music from an early age and has formed a specialty in the design of rooms for music recording and performance, gaining an appreciation for the critical aspects beyond just acoustics.

Only the Best


Room Acoustics

We provide a complete architectural acoustic design tailored to your needs. This includes everything from lighting to window detailing through to air conditioning. We’ll specify every detail of your acoustic needs, followed by building and commissioning your acoustic spaces.


Sound Insulation

Due to the high levels of noise created while recording live music, professional soundproofing is a necessity. We tailor your sound insulation needs to your environment and requirements, ensuring satisfaction. Being sound insulation specialists your needs are in good hands.


Ventilation Noise

We make places quiet and comfortable. It is likely that you will spend many hours in our acoustic spaces, for that reason you want an area which provides maximum comfort with minimal noise. Our recording and rehearsal facilities are meant for enjoyment and not frustration, and that’s what we strive to deliver.

Our Services

Recording Studio Design and Build

With years of experience in recording studio design, build and acoustics our team have completed many projects for both private, commercial, and public sectors. Our expertise will guide your project from start to finish. Our recording acoustic design and build services include:

Project Management

At the heart of any acoustics project whether it be a recording studio, concert hall, theatre or cinema a fundamental factor to success is excellent project management. We offer dedicated project management with regular progress updates as standard, reporting of progress can be varied upon project to suit customer needs. With years of experience in the acoustics industry we have refined these skills to become world leading professionals. As part of the project management process we take ownership of the construction site, ensure compliance with construction regulations and project manage the on site team in all their specialties. Through our processes we help prevent projects running over time and budget.

How We Can Assist You

  • Detailed assessment of the proposed location and align expectations with what is achievable within the proposed budget
  • Creation of a sound brief to meet your requirements
  • Design development in reference to your brief
  • Create and advices on project timings and schedule
  • Complete work to or advices on Planning & Regulatory requirements
  • Change management
  • Take ownership of onsite works
  • Budget & timeline schedules
  • Be responsible for a satisfactory handover

Premises Appraisal and Noise Survey

Having experience in technically challenging locations, such as The Hospital Club, Covent Garden, where a new TV and music recording studio were developed above tube line and cross rail in the heat of Covent Garden we can complete noise surveys and appraise premises in the most difficault of locations. Our findings will:

  • Advice regarding the suitability of intended premises in spatial, structural and acoustics.
  • Measure and appraise of ambient noise and vibration levels.
  • Highlight suitability of current acoustic interiors.

Feasibility Study

We can provide initial sketched layouts and high level cost estimates based on appropriate construction methods which are appropriate for your project, site location and conditions meeting your acoustic specifications.

Architectural and Acoustic Design

Designing world class music studios has made Acoustic Structures one of the leading names in acoustic design. Providing thorough architectural, interior and acoustic design. We can specify the following areas according to your needs including:

  • Specification of acoustic materials
  • Lighting design
  • Integration of technical and air-conditioning services
  • Proprietary acoustic treatment elements.

Drawings and Presentation

As part of the design process we can prepare design drawings, we also have in house 3D visualisation software if preferred.

Production Information

Creating and sign-off of production drawings and information packs which are suitable for skilled construction teams to conduct work under our project management.

Statutory Regulations

Conducting all required approvals for your acoustics project including the following:

  • Listed Buildings
  • Town Planning
  • Building Regulations
  • Educational establishments regulations
  • Fire protection and means of escape
  • Construction Design and Management Regulations

Air Conditioning Design

Excellent air conditioning systems design is fundamental in areas designed for acoustic perfection. If designed wrong there will be high levels of background noise affecting recording quality and listening experience. Working with leading suppliers we generate system performance specifications, system design, and system integration.

Construction and Fit-out

Our team of highly skilled professionals will complete full construction and fit-out of all services

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